Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Last Summer Hurrah

Typically on the last Saturday of the summer break, parents take their kids somewhere memorable and exciting. Maybe the shore, or the lake or the County Fair. Just so kids can wave goodbye to lazy summer days before heading off to school.

Husband and I might have thought about that for a moment, but then looked out at our yard and sudden panic crept over us. Panic that our free labor was soon to be elsewhere for the better part of the day. We better make hay while the sun still shines.

So on our kids' last day of summer vacation, they did...


It's like Zen for them. Giving them time to think about their lives.

Things like, "Maybe starting school on Monday isn't so bad"

"I wonder if there will be some cute girls in my classes?"

Uhhhh. Um.

"Will my new teacher be nice?"

"No one sees me behind the tree, right?"

"If I get a 4.0 Dad says I can drive next year."

"I wonder if I will ever get to the next level of Guitar Hero"

Yep, tadpoles.

But the pond Zen soon draws everyone close for contemplation,
including Trampy Stray Kitty. That and it's mostly in the shade.

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