Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to School

The first day back to school is always so exciting. Kids bummed about summer vacation being over. Moms & Dads a bit more joyful that it is. Dear ol' Mom outside with the camera to capture that monumental day when kids start a new school grade, documenting that they're growing up.

OK kids, let's get a picture for the first day of school. No, I didn't get one of Austin. High school Sophomores don't usually go for that and I don't usually go for taking pictures at 6:00am when his school bus comes by.

OK GUYS let's take the picture!!!

No, I mean a picture I can actually show somebody, you guys line up.

OK you're getting closer. Frederick can you put the kitten down and Timothy you don't need to do your Confederate Soldier thing right now. Jonathan I'm putting GQ on speed dial for you.

OK Derick, I said put the kitten down. Timothy look at Mama. Jonathan you're rocking it. OK Amanda you get in on the picture too if you want.

Derick would it kill you to smile? You just got those braces off, let's see those teeth.

Timothy you better not be getting ready to push Jonathan down those stairs. Ya, I don't know about them either Manda.

Let's try this again. Derick I need smiles. Timothy we are not headed for battle for the CSA. Jonathan look at Mama honey.

Teeth Derick, teeth!! Jonathan what are you doing? Stop copying Timothy. I'll tell you when we're ready to take the picture Amanda.

OK, I've lost all control.

Just turn around and show me your back packs.

Good. Done. Go. That's the best I'm going to get.

It's a long walk. I'll just wait up here. Have a great day you guys!! Manda, baby, you stay home with Mama. Don't make me walk down there to bring you back.

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