Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The first post!

Hello all!!

I have a hard time sometimes keeping family and friends updated on all the interesting things the kids are doing, so here is a place where everyone can check in when ever they like to see if there is anything new and exciting going on.

The kids aren't yet in Tennessee, but they will be within the next few months, so the blog name of CA kids in 10-OC is a little premature, but it will be fun to see how the big adjustment goes.

Currently we are packing and getting the kids ready for the big move. They are excited and nervous at the same time, as are Rick & I. It's a challange getting things packed up and keeping them packed, so the routine is to pack a box, tape it shut and send it straight to storage!

Rainy day today, so nothing notable going on with the kids, other than Lego play inside. Why we pay for housekeeping is beyond me, but at least it gives us a feeling that we tried.

This morning I got Amanda to stay still long enough for me to put french braids in her hair for the first time. I sat her on the edge of the sink and let her wash her hands while I braided.